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Whether planning a vacation, exploring business ventures, or embarking on an educational cultural exchange program, there comes a time when it’s just time to go to …AFRICA!

Our specialty is the African Diaspora!

Cultural Links has been leading study abroad and group travel for 12 years. We take your planning and organizing to the next level by customizing an experience that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are the experts!

Short-term programs for students, artists and educators. 

Customized heritage reunion!

Eco-friendly and economical!

Our group tour structures are ideal for:

  • First-time travelers to Ghana, West Africa

  • Repeat travelers looking for an “off the beaten path” experience

  •  Family vacations

  •  Business/Organization trips

  •  School groups/University or College excursions


All of our excursions provide an ultimate pathway into Ghana’s vibrancy, culture, opportunity and history, however, each tour does have it’s own special twist!  Here you will find a short synopsis of what to expect and if you click on “read more…” you may just find yourself ready to book your journey!   We’ve also made a few recommendations based upon our previous client preferences and feedback.  Naturally, you may want to contact us along the course of your decision-making and we are very happy to answer any questions you may have.  Oh, and don’t forget to browse the photo gallery for a few visual clues!


As an artist/teacher, you may want to join our intensive community study abroad programs in African music and dance, folk/oral traditions or crafts to enhance your personal and professional experience.  May we suggest?

West African Music, Dance & Culture Tour (read more…)

Cultural & Historical Tour (read more…)


Are you an entrepreneur looking to explore import & export opportunities or a small business owner looking for ways to expand international operations for your company?  We highly recommend a unique combination of commerce and culture.

Business Venture Tour (read more…)

Cultural & Historical Tour (read more…)


Packed with visits to historical sites, schools, villages, wildlife locations, and mini trips to Ghana’s various regions, our Cultural & Historical Tour offers an itinerary ideal for everyone.  We pay careful attention to time our activities just right so that you can witness and participate in some of Ghana’s amazing festivals.  This tour is uniquely organized so that you also have plenty of time and space to explore and seek out specific interests along your journey with our masterful tour guides always at hand!  If you want to be in direct contact with the people to learn about and explore Ghana, we offer village homestays as well.  Learn more about the places you will go and the people you will meet!

Cultural & Historical Tour (read more…)


We offer a wide array of choices for your university, college, high school, middle school or community group and can tailor tours to meet the specific interests of students & educators.  Cultural Links study tours are perfect for community engagement or service learning projects, nature/wildlife expeditions, family heritage reunions or anyone seeking a global education experience in an African country.

Our staff is highly trained, with a combined 50+ years of group programming and curriculum development to support your student learning outcomes.  Cultural Links is committed to your groups’ safety, enrichment and health while abroad.  If needed, we offer chaperone support as well.   Personalized group tours are an economical way to travel and are packed with quality excursions.  Students will gain a tremendous amount of new knowledge that will surely fill up their journals!

Cultural Links Tours can be tailored to fit your group specifications with a wide range of engaging activities and experiences or help design lessons and curriculum around your community project, theme or topic!

  •  Village Life & Family structure (village homestay)

  • Traditional Festivals & Ceremonies

  • Traditional African Religion

  •  Panafest & Pan-Africanism

  • Nature & Wildlife

  •  History of the Slave Trade & African Holocaust

  •  Herbal Medicines of Ghana

  • Ghanaian history and language

  • Education & Health Systems in Ghana

  • Business and Investment

  • Artisans and their crafts

  • African Music and Dance intensives

  • African American Repatriation

Contact us for special student rates or select your budget options from our already reasonably priced, seasonal group tours.

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Business & Venture Tour 

African Music & Dance Tour

Cultural & Historical Tour

(Extensions to Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso also available! )

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