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Cultural Links

travel tours

Are you a flight attendant or sea captain on a brief stay? Are you ready to take that family vacation or plan a study trip for an education group? Join one of our single or multi-day tours where your 24/7 host and tour guides are ready to provide exemplary service during your personal, business, or holiday travel. Our multi-lingual guides speak no less than two or three local dialects to meet all your local translation and money-exchange needs and of course, they are all excellent in speaking and understanding English. C-links guides are backed by years of experience, hosting individuals and groups from abroad, and local vacationers.

  • Motherland Home Tour

    A leisure and vacation travel experience featuring a mix of cultural and historical site seeing, eco-tourism, music, dance, folk arts, and entertainment. Includes African Diaspora history tours and meet-ups with repatriated communities who are living and doing business abroad. (Voted most popular by previous tour participants!)

  • African Music & Dance Immersion

    Dance all day, eat, relax, drum all night rest, repeat! This cultural immersion tour is our flagship program for those who wish to delve into the rhythms, meanings, stories, and spiritual connections to what is truly the heartbeat of African culture.

  • African Traditional Arts

    A blended leisure and cultural travel experience featuring lessons in African music, dance, drumming and drum-making, language, and African folk arts, i.e., Kente weaving, basket making, studio recording, beading, woodcarving, and painting. The ultimate hands-on experience for people of all ages!

  • R&R Pampered Getaways

    The ultimate R&R Oceanview holistic healing getaway featuring massage, reflexology, dance, yoga, nature walks, herbology, and optimal nutrition through organic catered food service.

  • Healing Hands Heritage Retreat for Students

    This tour is designed as a spiritual and cultural heritage retreat for African Diaspora students to encourage a sense of self-awareness, self-belonging, and discovery of talent by re-connecting a distant past to the resilience of healing through African drumming and music.

  • Wakanda Love Destination Weddings

    Travel coordination, logistical support, Bride & Groom/wedding party custom-designed African attire/tailoring, photo-shoot/video service, catering, sight-seeing tours. post wedding honeymoon get-a-ways, etc.

  • Ecotourism Adventures

    East African Safari (Rwanda)
    Eco Village Tour (Ghana)
    South African Safari (South Africa)

  • Valley of the Sun!

    Discover legend, tradition, mystery, and fact, from a powerful and spiritual ancient civilization. Explore Ethiopia’s legendary Blue Nile, ancient monasteries, rock-hewn churches, and pastoral villages. From the safari lands to the seaboards, the diversity of your travel locations will leave your imaginations fulfilled! Sprinkled with cultural treats, each destination highlights the country’s beautiful iconic landscapes and archeological gems. Top off this exhilarating spotlight on Ethiopian history and culture with traditional dance, music, and famous Buna coffee ceremonies.

  • Entrepreneurial & Investment Tour
    [Ghana and Rwanda]

    A blended entrepreneurial and leisure travel experience featuring African Diaspora investment projects, real estate/land acquisitions, small and corporate business networking opportunities.

  • Customized Tours

    Just relax and let us plan your journey for a hassle-free, effortless trip. Whether you join one of our pre-packaged tours or prefer a customized travel experience, our expert travel planners can handle all logistics for your short or long-term stay including flights, ground transportation, meals, accommodations, excursions, and hands-on activities so that you or your group can enjoy your time and travel with ease. Our hosts will meet you at the airport and even help you pack those last-minute items for your departure!

  • For students, educators, and community!

    Ghana- year-round!
    South Africa - year -round!
    Malta- 2024!
    Rumba in Cuba- 2024!
    Afro--Expo Columbia 2024!
    St. Croix - coming 2025!
    Nigeria - coming 2025!
    Grenada - coming 2026!
    Senegal - coming 2026!

Global Education Management

Cultural Links offers global education management services backed by 15 years of experience- setting gold-star standards for 21st century intercultural competency development. We help schools and colleges build global education programs of distinction by working with small and large teams to cultivate and grow transformative experiences for students and educators.

  • Study Abroad Curriculum and Design

  • Assessment & Evaluation

  • Host Country Chaperone Service

  • Study Abroad Service Provider

  • Bi-lateral Partnership Development

  • Strategic Professional Development

U.S. Students

  • Service Learning and Volunteerism Placement

  • Short-Term Study Abroad

  • Long-Term Study Abroad

  • Host Country Home-Stay Placement

  • Global Education Student Ambassador Network and Development Project

  • Study Abroad Resources

International Student Recruitment Services

  • Prospective Students

    Undergraduate and postgraduate admission support

    American Language Programs

    International Extension Programs

    Open University Programs

    J-1 Visa advisement

  • Study Abroad in America

    Community College Partnerships

    4-Year University Partnerships

Equity & Strategic Professional Development

” The paradox of education is precisely this—that as one begins to become conscious, one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated…” James Baldwin, 1963

Cultural Links is committed to moving the needle on equity in study abroad for underserved student populations. Options to study abroad in African countries are rare. In comparison to European destinations (more than 70%), study abroad in African countries account for only 3.9% of all international program offerings through U.S. public and private higher education institutions (IIE, 2018).

Give me the RAW DATAAS !

Workshops for Educators and Students

Being reflective is the key to DATAAS.
Students need space, time, and energy to understand why and how transformation occurs.
This workshop presents data on student transformation and activism with a focus on strategies for cultivating deepened critical self-reflection.

In service to uplifting AA student voice, this workshop is led by Cultural Links Global Education Student Ambassadors who present a 1-hour interactive session highlighting heritage-based study abroad for self-transformation including spiritual, personal, and academic growth. Workshop participants will better understand how heritage-based study abroad…

Expands a sense of belonging in a global community.
Generates happy spirits, fosters 21st-century intercultural competency skills that employers seek.
Develops resiliency in leadership.
Helps to dismantle White privilege in study abroad.

The use of African ontology in education centers learning around what is most important to AA students beyond the confines of Western paradigms- from curriculum design to instructional methodology and can apply to any student group. These student-centered workshops channel what’s important through the lens of the student audience

What do immigrant students wish to gain from their educational experiences? How do disabled or unsheltered students perceive their leadership and activism as being cultivated on college campuses?