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Cultural Links

Cultural Links


Global Education (GE-A) and are subsidiaries of Cultural and form the foundation of our international student recruitment hub, specializing in African Diaspora student exchange and international admission into US public and private higher education institutions. What we do:

  • Promote educational institutions and their programs responsibly and ethically
  • Recruit qualified students world-wide who wish to pursue academic degree programs, American language immersion programs, career technical education programs, or extension opportunities at community colleges and 4-year universities. 
  • Offer third-party service provisions for short/long-term study abroad, service-learning, and internships with a focus on Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.


Our collective mission is to equitize and advance viable pathways for students to access quality, international education worldwide through mindful recruitment practice. We do this through the following educational service pillars.


GE-Africa education partners bring a track record of welcoming students from all over the world into an inclusive, diverse, and exciting learning environment. 

  • Top-notch, fully accredited institutions of higher learning each hold a commitment to advance student access, equity, and success. 
  • Whether a first-time freshman seeking admission into a 2-year community college or a graduate student seeking a master’s degree at a 4-year university, our affiliate institutions are equipped with the necessary tools to ensure students succeed in their chosen academic and career pathway. 
  • Both undergraduate and post-graduate students have access to a wide variety of degree and major programs. 
  • The campus environment is warm and friendly with lots of opportunity to connect with others through cultural activities, student clubs, and opportunities to study abroad.


GEA’s student services specialists provide a supportive and pure pathway into the future for its student recruits. Applying for college can be a stressful process which can become a barrier for international students seeking admissions overseas. GE-Africa assists higher education institutions with a seamless admission and transfer process for our international student clients. What do GE-A agents do to help?

  • GE-A education agents work to make the admission process less intimidating by providing clear and accurate information in a timely manner to its international student clients including but not limited to admission and application deadlines, required documents, tuition and fees, and program availability.
  • GE-A education agents keep students informed by completing a Global Education orientation
  • GE-A education agents ensure all applicants meet university requirements prior to submission of their application.


Do you have a goal to increase, diversify, and welcome international students onto your campus? Our team members are happy to help.

We look forward to your partnership in welcoming students from across the globe!
Use our consultation request form to schedule an appointment with one of our international agency specialists.