Cultural Links

Cultural Links

Cultural Links


African Language Immersion Internships (ALII)

Interning abroad combines language immersion and community building. Our programs are open to all majors. All ALLII programs are customized and offered year-round! Complete the “Application of Interest Form” and select “ALII” and your desired country. One of our ALII placement specialists will contact you to help you get started on your journey!


Service-Learning/Volunteer Programs

Contrary to traditional service learning and volunteer programs where faculty and students often decide what the problem is and how to fix it, Cultural Links service learning and volunteer programs are rooted in what the people say is important to their communities.

We offer a wide variety of volunteer and service-learning projects.

Open Volunteer Positions


  • Visual Arts
  • Dance
  • Popular & traditional music
  • Dramatic arts
  • Digital Media
  • Community planning
  • Urban development
  • Architecture
  • Real Estate


  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Justice

Short-term study abroad in Ghana, South Africa, Cuba, Columbia, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Malta is currently open for acceptance.

Streamline your acceptance into our short-term study abroad programs (16 weeks or less) with our new three-step process.

Step One: Application of Interest

Step Two: Travel Documents

Step Three: Secure your spot with a $300 deposit. Deposits are subtracted from last payment. Credit cards incur a 3% charge. 

Use our Secure payment link!

Select from one of our Cultural Links themes or let us help you customize your own!

  • Social Entrepreneurism and Community Service (Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa)
  • Food and Culinary Arts (Ghana, Malta)
  • Women’s Health in Post-Apartheid South Africa (South Africa)
  • Dance And Music (Ghana, South Africa)
  • Language Immersion- Kiswahili (Rwanda; Kenya)
  • Language Immersion- Twi, Ewe, Fanti (Ghana)
  • Language Immersion-isiXhosa (South Africa)
  • Political Education (South Africa)
  • African Spiritual Systems and Traditions (Ghana, South Africa)
  • Afro-Expo in Columbia
  • Cosmetology Industry and Hairstyles (Ghana, Columbia)
  • Survey of African Diaspora Repatriation (Ghana, Rwanda)
  • Girlhood Education (Ghana)
  • Folk Arts- Basket Weaving, Wood Carving, Kente Weaving, Visual Arts, Drum Making (Ghana)
  • Fok Arts- Claymaking (Ghana, South Africa)
  • Boxing (Ghana)
  • Fashion Design/Textile Industries (South Africa, Ghana)
  • Agriculture & Environment Studies (South Africa, Ghana)
  • Climate Change (Rwanda, South Africa)
  • Communication Arts-Journalism, Film, Television, Radio (Ghana, South Africa)
  • Survey of K-Post Secondary education (All regions)

“Studying abroad showed me more of my capabilities of what I can do. It gave me some motivation to have. I want to do something and help make change in a positive way, like how we got to learn how to make shea butter and see what innovative things people are doing in other parts of the world that make a difference.”