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Cultural Links

Friendly tour guides

Encountering an unfriendly Cultural Links affiliate would be like finding a needle on the crest of Mt. Everest! Like most countries in Africa, the welcoming atmosphere make travel to our Rwandan and Ghanaian destinations an unforgettable experience when it comes to the people’s warm and helpful demeanor.

Beautiful eco-tourism

Cultural Links offers safe travel, beaming with options to experience the beautiful scenery of Africa and the spectacular animal kingdom-especially iconic to East and Southern Africa. From the capital city of Kigali to Ghana’s hinterland villages, these countries boast many breath-taking wonders. Surround yourself with lush greenery, serene lakes, and rushing waterfalls- perfect settings for an off-the-beaten-path getaway.

Dance, Music, Culture

When you travel with Cultural Links, we are known for our refined culture travel! Looking to bring home a taste of Africa with you? No worries, Cultural Links is there to ensure your arts exposure is both authentic, hands-on, and that your memorable treasures are made by the people for the people. Enjoy private dance and music classes and tour local folk arts venues.

Lovely and affordable accommodations

Everyone needs a place to unwind, replenish, and restore. Whether you wish to experience the quaint bed and breakfast vibe or return from a safari venture to rest in your king size luxury hotel bed, Cultural Links accommodations are clean, safe, and beautiful. Nestle in and get some much-needed R&R!

Scrumptious African Cuisine

One of the best ways to discover culture is through the kitchen! Cultural Links guides are foodies themselves so let’s head to some of the city’s restaurants and causal bars! West and East African cuisine has many popular and traditional dishes to try that are prepared with fresh, local, and flavorful ingredients. From banana beer (Urwagwa) to masala fish (Isombo), the cuisine of Rwanda awaits you. From the sweet and savory combo of Ghana’s Red Red (black-eyed peas and ripe plantain) to the flavorful nut stews made from groundnut or palm fruit, Ghanaian cuisine will keep everyone’s palette stimulated and happy.

Itinerary design

Cultural Links has options for everyone. There’s nothing like planning a family vacation and one member wants to gorilla trek (Rwanda) or visit the Monkey sanctuaries (Ghana) while your other party wants nothing to do with animals! No worries, let our expert design team curate a tour that meets the needs of your group. Leave the nuances to us!

Repatriation on your mind?

One of the most important questions we receive from our customers is what makes people decide to pack up and move from the USA to an African country. What is calling people to return to their ancestral homelands to live, start businesses, raise families, and re-settle? Ghana and Rwanda have flourishing African Diaspora communities, and their stories are all unique and different. If you wish to learn more, join our customized African Diaspora Re-connection Tours where you can engage directly with people who are part of the new generation of African descendants returning to their ancestral homelands.