Cancellation Policy

:::::::::::::::::    CANCELLATION POLICY     :::::::::::::::::

Cancellation requests must be sent to in writing. Cancellation procedures and penalties apply on the date a client’s written notification has been received and verified by your tour representative. At the time you make your first deposit, the securing of your individual and/or group trip is applied immediately including but not limited to lodging, transport, guides, meals, excursions, air reservations, administrative fees. Once the deposit is made, property owners can no longer sell the room(s) reserved for you or book other parties for rooms or transport in the time assigned between your deposit and cancellation. As such, Cultural Links pays a penalty for reservations and portions of the tour reserved or acted upon on your behalf. 

Our cancellation policy is as follows :

• There are no refunds provided for any reason and payments may not be rolled over to future trips.

Please obtain travel insurance to protect your investment in case of unforeseen circumstances that could lead to cancellation. We are not solicitors for travel insurance agencies, but we have been around long enough and are happy to provide you with a few recommendations. Trip insurance is an excellent, low-cost trip protector.

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