Michael Wright

Michael Wright


I think it was the next day when we visited the first community, but the way they kind of welcomed us and embraced us with their tribal, traditional ceremonial dance, their customs, or their customary dance and drumming. Like that was very transformational. The fact that we got to kind of break bread and eat with them at the end. I had never done that. Of course, you go to eat and stuff like that with your family. I had never met any of these people before, but it didn’t feel like I’m just eating with strangers. It felt like I was part of the community. That was very transformative, like eating off the same plate with somebody. Just in case I forget to say it, I think that was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, impact in a very spiritual way. To me, it connects you more. It connects you back in touch with your humanity and who you are as a human being, which allows you to connect with other people, I think.

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