Open Letter from the CEO to C-Links Ghana

Open Letter from the CEO to C-Links Ghana

Dear C-Links Team,

Do you know why are our customers return ?
It is because of your dedication !

Customer Care takes a collective effort. It also takes commitment and hard work to embrace others from a new culture into your own. You, the C-Links team, are the backbone of our flagship Ghana tours. You are my inspiration, and you bring to this company an amazing 200+ years of collective experience working with Americans and other foreigners who are new to Ghana.

Every stage performer knows that there would not be a show without the crew. Just like the lighting designer who makes it possible for the audience to have an experience or the backstage manager who makes sure everyone and everything is in place-making sure it all happens is what you do!

Thank you so much for your willingness to go the extra mile to make those adjustments in your life to welcome our customers to Ghana…many of whom are returning to their ancestral homeland for the first time.

Thank you for always making sure our customers are happy, for holding the C-Links Team close through the years- and for your friendship.

Cultural Links could not do it without you. I could not do it without you.

We love you C-Links Ghana!

Mama Andrea/Mama Dzigborti

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