Cultural Links

Cultural Links

Cultural Links

Cultural Links Program Benefits for Students and Educational Institutions

For Students

Participation in the life-altering experience of study abroad has been shown to prepare students with global citizenship skill sets desired by employers. Those who have chosen to study abroad often say it was the most rewarding decision they’ve ever made in life- giving rise to lifelong sensibilities, new perceptions, awareness, and enhanced intrinsic motivation. There are academic benefits too! Students who study abroad have higher retention and graduation rates and perform better academically than those who do not.

For Educational Institutions

Diversity is everywhere, but how do institutions hold themselves accountable to ensure all students are ready to make their mark in a diverse world?

Less than 4% of all U.S. institutions offer study abroad programs within the continent of Africa while 71% of international education abroad programs are destined for European countries. Where does this leave the African American and African Diaspora student for whom research has shown have a desire to reconnect with their ancestral homeland? We’re here to help our educational partners bring more equity to study abroad through the lens of the African Diaspora perspective. We have 14-year track record offering programs for high schools and colleges.

Benefits of African Diaspora Travel and Study Abroad

Cultural Links programs are designed to support educational institutions expand new or existing study abroad options so that more students gain the knowledge, skills, and experience that characterize globally competent learners- assets that employers seek.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of academic programs and services designed to increase the number of African American and under-resourced student populations who study abroad. We provide exemplary student services throughout the student’s global education experience which include academic-bearing course options, on-site access to technology, pre-trip orientations, and modest payment plans. We also provide professional development opportunities for educators seeking to design global education programs at their institution, and an alumni global education network for past participants to stay connected.

By choosing Cultural Links, you gain an experienced partner in bringing more equity to study abroad through quality international education experiences supported by an exceptional host-country and US staff to help customize your program of distinction. Most of our programming occurs through our flagship Ghana program in West Africa. As we continue to expand our global network of operators in the Caribbean and South America, we look forward to collaborating with you and your team to advance the future of global education whereby more student and educators of color participate in the transformative experience of traveling and studying abroad.

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