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Cultural Links

Cultural Links

Cultural Links began its work in 2000 as Cultural Links to Academic and Social Success C.L.A.S.S., an arts and education platform aimed at preserving and promoting African cultural traditions that are rarely seen or dying out. Founded by dance artist and educationist, Dr. Andrea Lee, ibecame clear that traveling abroad and global exchange is an equity issue requiring systemic change within both educational constructs and the travel industry. In 2005, Cultural Links reshaped its mission in response to filling a need for a more inclusive international platform

                  “Through the discovery of talent, a genius will flourish. Through the discovery of travel, our humanity deepens.”                                                                                                                    ~Andrea Lee, Cultural LInks Founder and CEO
Cultural Links


  • Cultural Links is an African Diaspora innovation hub of educational researchers, social entrepreneurs, artists, health and wellness professionals, and a community of students (global ambassadors) working to bring more equity to international education through sustainable tourism, global exchange, and business development and investment.
Cultural Links


  • To connect, discover, and build capacity for African Diaspora cultural exchange and business opportunity around the world.
Cultural Links


  • Culture
  • Community
  • Creativity

Diversity, inclusion, and equity guides our work…

Addressing fears, misconceptions, and miseducation about African Diaspora travel and the historic lack of resources and investment in under resourced communities to participate in study abroad, Cultural Links works to provide opportunities for African student exchange, strengthen bi-lateral strategic partnerships in business and education, and create opportunities for people to experience the diversity and beauty of Africa, and of the world. In order to meet these goals, our services are centered around five pillars of praxis.
Cultural Links

THE 5 PILLARS of Cultural Links

  • I - Sustainable Tourism
  • II - Global Education Equity
  • III - Artistic Practice and Promotion
  • IV - DATAAS Research (Developing Awareness of Transformation of African and African American Students)
  • V - Social Entrepreneurism and Business Investment

Cultural Links utilizes its five-pillar approach to achieve the following three objectives: